Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo J.S.C.

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Street Migjeni, no.72

10000 Pristina, Kosovo


T: +381 38 222 222

Mob: +386 49 222 222

F: +381 (0)3820 30 11 25


Swift Code : RBKOXKPR


Kosovo Treasury Bills

Treasury bills are issued by the Ministry of Finance and on behalf of the Government, who also guarantees them.

At present they offer a higher interest than bank savings or time deposits, and profit made is free of tax.

Treasury Bills are issued with a maturity period of 3, 6, 12, 24 and 36 months, and you may invest your available funds in this instrument. To get our latest offer please contact bank officers in any branch, or call us at +381 38222222 ext. 129.


Amound invested: EUR 50,000

Interest: 1.00% annual

Days of investment (D): 364 days

Purchase price (amount invested): 50,000 / (1+1%/365*364) = EUR 49,640.95

So on investment date the customer will have EUR 49,640.95 blocked, and on maturity date EUR 50,000.00 is repaid. Interest earned is the difference in the amount of EUR 359.05.