Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo J.S.C.

Zyra qendrore


Migjeni Street 72

10000 Pristina, Kosovo

T: +381 38 222 222, ext. 142

Mob: +386 49 222 222

F: +381 (0)3820 30 11 25


Swift Code : RBKOXKPR

*iban_lbl : *ibann_code

Foreign Exhange

Buy or sell foreign currency using Euro, and use Raiffeisen Bank services for any exchanges.

Raiffeisen Bank offers you exchange of the following currencies:

EUR - Euro

USD - US Dollar

CHF - Swiss Franc

CAD - Canadian Dollar

SEK - Swedish Kronor

NOK - Norwegian Kronor

DKK - Danish Kronor

When you exchange your money the bank will offer additional security, as well as a more favorable exchange rate than money exchange offices.

For our frequent currency buyers we offer voice contract, which offers exchange services over the phone, i.e. from distance.

Foreign exchange rates shown in the bank's website may change during the day, and as such they are there as guide prices.

Please visit our nearest branch to get more information or call us at +381 38 222 222 ext. 129.